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Birthing a Nation podcast




Undoubtedly, ‘Birthing a Nation’ will take it’s place as an important piece of living history for our country.” 

(Linda Kelly, Women Ascend)


Wednesday, 22nd September: GoLoud, Ireland’s first digital audio app to offer podcasts, live radio, and music streaming in one place, has today announced the launch of Birthing a Nation: Pregnancy and the Pandemic. Launching on Friday, 25th September this 10 part podcast series looks at the extraordinary impact that COVID 19 has had on maternity care in Ireland. 

Birthing a Nation is hosted by radio personalities Sue Murphy, Alison Curtis and Suzanne Kane who each bring a unique perspective on and different experience of the maternity care system in Ireland – past and present. Alison is mother to 9 year old Joan, Suzanne gave birth to her third child in the thick of lockdown last December while Sue will shortly welcome her second child.

Each Friday, Sue, Alison and Suzanne will catch up and reflect on the latest news around maternity care and COVID. Sue will also update listeners on her current experience as she navigates the final maternity appointments before her due date. Each episode will spotlight an interview with a mother, family member, healthcare worker or partner who has been impacted by the ongoing situation – giving them space to tell their story, their way before maternity care advocate Linda Kelly (Women Ascend) helps wrap up each episode with reflections on the theme/story covered that week. 

Across the series, Birthing a Nation will feature accounts from women across Ireland who have been impacted and want to voice their experience. You can get in touch by emailing maternity@goloudnow.com and anonymity, if requested, is assured.  



“I’ve been a first-hand witness to the conditions women and their partners have had to suffer through during this pandemic. This is the chance for these women to tell their stories, stories that have often been too painful to recount. We are honoured they have shared them with us. This podcast is a battle call – the hospitals need to reverse these archaic and barbaric policies on partner access, and finally give women the support and dignity they deserve.” 

Sue Murphy, Newstalk + OTB Sports

Co-host + Producer of Birthing a Nation

Twitter | Instagram

The issue of women’s maternity care has been at the forefront of so many peoples minds for the last 18months. Thousands and thousands of people have been negatively impacted by Covid restrictions.  I really feel this podcast will bring huge insight and comfort to those who have gone through birth during the pandemic and those expecting and planning their families.” 

Alison Curtis, Co-host of Birthing a Nation, Pregnancy and the Pandemic

Presenter of Weekend Breakfast, Today FM

Twitter | Instagram

“As someone who went through all of my pregnancy and birth of my daughter under the dark cloud of maternity restrictions, I feel I’ve walked alongside so many parents that are navigating the same journey. The past 18 months will have very long term effects for thousands of people. We all have a story to tell and I’m really honoured to be a part of a series which offers people the chance to do just that. I know in sharing our experiences we will raise each other up and pass on hope to those who aren’t ready to share theirs, yet. Women deserve Better Maternity Care.“ 

Suzanne Kane, Co-host of Birthing a Nation

Presenter of Suzanne Kane on 98FM 

Twitter | Instagram

“This is a series of national importance driven by the urgency of the #BetterMaternityCare movement. Podcasting is such a uniquely intimate medium and this has allowed us to share these individual narratives in a more meaningful way than what’s currently out there. We’re humbled that people across Ireland have felt safe sharing their personal experiences with us and they can continue to do so by emailing maternity@goloudnow.com

Dee Reddy, Executive Producer, Birthing a Nation, Pregnancy and the Pandemic

Head of GoLoud Content Development 

Twitter | Instagram

“The support from GoLoud and Bauer Media to create ‘Birthing A Nation’ and to centre the story of women’s experience of maternity services during a pandemic is so impressive. All of us involved in #BetterMaternityCare are so proud to be part of this. This is the true reflection of the lived experience for thousands of families right across the country and will go right to the heart the issues caused by the ongoing partner restrictions. Undoubtedly, ‘Birthing a Nation’ will take it’s place as an important piece of living history for our country.”

Linda Kelly, Expert Contributor, Birthing a Nation, Pregnancy and the Pandemic

Maternity Care Activist + Founder, Women Ascend 

Twitter | Instagram

“This series is a great example of why GoLoud prides itself on being an audio pioneer for Ireland. For a team to bring an entire podcast series from ideation to release in less than two weeks reinforces the agility and innovation at our disposal. Our radio partners have been invaluable in offering the people, expertise and talent to ensure that this could happen. It’s a testament to the shared creativity and ingenuity at Bauer Media Audio Ireland.”

Kiela Brodigan, Digital Director at Bauer Media Audio Ireland Group

Birthing a Nation: Pregnancy and the Pandemic launches Friday, 25th September

Available first on the GoLoud appand on goloudnow.comor listen wherever you get your podcasts


About GoLoud 

Launched in June 2019 and a first-to-market in Ireland, GoLoud™ is a one destination app for audio content, providing users with access to all of their favourite national and local radio stations (Today FM, Newstalk, 98FM, SPIN 1038 and SPIN South West), as well as a huge selection of podcasts across a range of categories including entertainment, business, news, culture and sports. With a tagline of ‘Radio, Podcasts and Music to your ears’, GoLoud is free to use and available to download via iOS and Android. See www.GoLoudnow.com for more. 

About Women Ascend

Launched in January 2021, Women Ascend is a place for women to discuss, examine and realise their power and to use it with purpose. Created by activist and advocate Linda Kelly, the organisation works alongside Uplift and other organisations to drive the #BetterMaternityCare cause across the country.

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