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GoLoud is delighted to announce the safe delivery of a brand-new podcast this morning. Welcome to the world “Honey You’re Ruining our Kid”. Parents and podcast are doing well.

After two years of turmoil there’s never been a better time to hold a hand up and say, “I might need a bit of help with these kids.” The first ever zero judgement parenting podcast from the team behind An Irishman Abroad is one of a kind. Join the funny man Jarlath and the child behaviouralist Tina Regan as they tackle the questions, the worries and the hilarity that comes with modern parenting.

About the show:

Jarlath collects anonymous questions from frazzled and exhausted parents while Tina has more than 20 years of experience working in early childhood intellectual, behavioural and social development. With genuine problems from real parents it’s anyone’s guess what the questions will be. But the pair will gamely tackle anything that’s thrown their way – expect all manner of queries including:

  • “My young lad eats like a caveman and is mortifying me everywhere we go”
  • “If I ask my kid to come off her iPad she acts like her world is caving in”
  • “My toddler refuses to wear clothes”
  • “My kid won’t poo at school”
  • “My kid refuses to let me leave the house, what should I do?

No problem is too big or small. Tina promises to help parents help themselves, with zero judgement. Raising kids is so fecking hard we all need help to do it. 

Meet the hosts:

Jarlath Regan – The Funny Man

After nearly ten years abroad, this Irishman is back! Having bagged a collection of high profile tv appearances including Russell Howard’s Good News and Live At The Palladium, Jarlath became one of the most trusted headliners on the circuit and even wrote a one man standup show about donating a kidney to his brother. His world beating Irishman Abroad podcasts have featured the biggest stars, won a regular spot on BBC Radio, a legion of fans and the biggest podcast awards. After all this time of taking the Mickey out of his failed attempts at parenting through his standup, Jarlath is ready to help other men and women who find themselves equally lost sometimes.

Tina Regan – The Zero Judgement Expert

When it comes to kids. There is nothing you can throw at Tina that she hasn’t already seen. After more than 20 years working with children of all ages in every capacity, she has a level of expertise in language and behavioural management and development that is hard to beat. First and foremost she does not see “bold kids”. She believes that there is always a reason for any behaviour, “Find the cause and reach a solution. The goal is always to find a way to enjoy our children.”

Production Notes:

Honey You’re Ruining Our Kid is created and hosted by Jarlath and Tina Regan. The series is produced and edited by the brains that bring you An Irishman Abroad. The show is executive produced for GoLoud by Dee Reddy.

Dee Reddy, GoLoud’s Head of Content Development added:

“I’m absolutely delighted to welcome Jarlath and Tina to GoLoud. Jarlath’s been one of Ireland’s best-known podcasters since podcasting was just a twinkle in GoLoud’s eye and Tina is such a warm and engaging host. I know her words of wisdom coupled with the witty rapport between the pair will make this a must-listen for parents across the country.”

GoLoud Presents: Honey You’re Ruining Our Kid launched today, Monday 5th September and is available first on GoLoud.