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SPIN Launches Content Series Aimed At Tackling Racism

SPIN Launches Content Series Aimed At Tackling Racism

SPIN Launches Content Series Aimed At Tackling Racism 1200 630 Bauer Media Audio Ireland

Irish artist Erica Cody joins forces with SPIN for brand new ‘Speak Up’ series  

Youth Radio and Media Brand, SPIN has launched a new content series aimed at tackling important issues that exist in Irish society today. Speak Up on SPIN is a 10-part series, providing a platform to educate and inform a youth audience. The series, which launches today online, on air and across SPIN’s social media channels will first cover the topic of racism and its existence in Irish society. Irish artist Erica Cody has come on board as Speak Up Campaign to highlight the different types of racism that still exist to this day.

Partnering with the Irish Network Against Racism, SPIN seeks to educate its youth audience on the conscious and unconscious types of racism that occur every day, opening up real conversations to affect positive change.

A number of people who have experienced racism in Irish society, including Erica Cody herself, will share their stories, with SPIN giving a voice to those who want to speak up to challenge and stop racism in its many forms.

Speak Up on SPIN is a multi-platform series, which will live on air and on digital platforms, with interviews, online editorial and social media content all aimed at educating, informing and engaging with the audiences.

SPIN’s audience will also be given the opportunity to speak up about their own personal experiences of racism. Any listeners who would like to share their story can do so by visiting the SPIN websites. Listeners can also remain anonymous if they wish to do so.

Speaking at the launch of Speak Up on SPIN: Racism, Erica Cody commented: “The conversation doesn’t stop here. Keep learning, educating and use your privilege to help dismantle racism. Call it out if you see it or hear it and have those uncomfortable conversations. Speak up against racism”.

Visit the Speak Up on SPIN hub on the SPIN websites HERE for more information, check out the series launch video HERE and stay tuned to SPIN to hear the latest content from Speak Up on SPIN.

Speak Up on SPIN. Speak Up, Make A Difference.